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Pillowpants Jul. 24th, 2006 @ 03:10 pm
Have you guys seen this shit? Girls claiming to have Vagina Trolls- total clerks II rip off!

About Clerks II. Jul. 13th, 2006 @ 01:47 pm
Hey kids! It’s Mark Hamill! Applause! Do you want to get cool prizes such as shirts, can coolers, Clerks II script or wrist bands from Silent Bob? Than you have such an opportunity! All you have to do is to place Clerks II banner on as many websites, messageboards, MySpace pages, and blogs as possible! More info at official site.

Clerks II - July 21, 2006

Jul. 12th, 2006 @ 12:45 pm
Clerks II - July 21, 2006

11/15/05 Nov. 15th, 2005 @ 10:29 pm
The challenge for this week is foreign.

11/7/05--Back to Business Nov. 7th, 2005 @ 06:51 pm
Wow... that certainly was a long challenge. I'm sorry for my period of absence. I've had a rash of family problems. I solemnly swear that I shall be a good mod. I've brought down some new policy, visible in the community info.

Now, for something completely different...

The challenge this week is "Renessaince," or "rebirth". Take this, yet again, however you want.
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» Challenge 9/21/04
This week's challenge is the word "passion," in honors of the new Clerks movie. You can interpret the word however you want.
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