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Askew 100

The Whole World's Against Us, I Swear to God.

Askewniverse 100
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Ummm... que?
This an Askewniverse drabble community. Every Monday, a challenge will be issued. You--yes, you--will have until another challenge is issued next week. Easy enough.

Not so much. What is "Askewniverse"?
Askewniverse is the universe that the characters Jay and Silent Bob live in. There are many other interesting characters, but Jay and Silent Bob are the constants of the movies, comics, and television series.

And, what is a drabble?
A drabble is a piece of fanfiction that is exactly one hundred words long. Now, for the sake of this community, a drabble is between ninety and one hundred and ten words. The goal, however, is to write a drabble of one hundred words.

Do I need to put any headers on my drabbles?
You put as much header as you want, but all I ask is a title, rating, word count, and pairing or characters featured.

What genres of fanfiction am I allowed to write in?
Any, if it relates to the challenge. So, yes, slash is allowed. If you have a problem with slash, you've really picked the wrong fandom.

Do I need to make an lj-cut?
If you are posting more than one challenge at a time, use an lj-cut. If you are posting something you dub "smutty" or "not work safe," lj-cut it and label it as such. I'm trusting you to use your better judgment here.

I have made a really nifty icon that is applicable to this community. Would you like to use it as the community icon?
Bitchin'. Give it here.

Who are you?
katiemariie. If you have any questions/concerns about this community, you can e-mail me at meboja90@yahoo.com.